The Need for a Secure Mobile Printing Solution

The wide-spread need for secure mobile printing is not expected to let up anytime soon. With mobile workers projected to reach 75% of the U.S. workforce in the next three years, forward-thinking companies are doing everything they can to prepare. Here are two of the security issues all are facing:

Security on the Device

When searching for a mobile printing solution, the first question that arises almost always focuses on security:

How do we avoid security issues when the user isn't at the device to claim the printed document?

If this is a familiar occurrence at your workplace, your company will need to implement a mobile printing policy that addresses the issue. With direct mobile printing situations, the document will print immediately unless the device is instructed otherwise. The best way to avoid this is to deploy pull printing, which requires the user to be present at the device and enter a passcode or other authentication before the device releases the document. Doing so avoids the very common situation where employees and passersby inadvertently see confidential data on documents left in print trays.

Cloud Printing

How can we keep jobs sent to networked printers from interception by hackers and other unauthorized users?

Security is always a concern when mobile printing involves the use of public cloud services. Even though most public services have deployed secure HTTPS connections, there's no guarantee of complete document security. Nonetheless, public cloud printing services are extremely popular due to convenience. Users don't need to worry about installing print drivers, and they can print from almost any mobile device.

Private cloud solutions are a more secure option for business use. Secure firewalls keep print jobs from leaving the company network, and company-wide mobile printing policies can do much to mitigate any further security risks. For organizations with strict compliance mandates, private mobile printing solutions are the best choice.

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