Phase Out Paper with Document Management

digital folders concept

Have you heard the stories of government offices so overloaded with paper that working conditions were deemed unsafe? You probably haven't reached quite that point in your office, but there are plenty of other reasons to start phasing out your paper-based filing system.

Find Everything Faster

An electronic document management system can improve productivity on several levels. One of the most impressive is document retrieval.

Businesses waste millions of dollars each year in wages and lost opportunities because of missing files. In some organizations, employees spend as much as 30% or more of their day just searching for information.

Electronic document management is a system that captures, routes and stores documents based on the information contained in them. To access files in seconds, all that's required is a keyword search.

Stay on Top of Tasks

Paper files are notorious for getting lost, often under other files on a desktop. Due to the infamous out-of-sight, out-of-mind conundrum, a file hidden under a pile may delay a critical project.

Document management solutions use a system of notifications and alerts to let employees know when an action-item is ready for their response. These reminders help keep projects on track and moving forward.

Improve Employee Collaboration

Have you ever emailed a document to several people at once and then tried to collaborate? It doesn't take long until no one knows where the project stands and what information is the most current.

A document management solution allows for real-time collaboration by as many users as require access to the file. Version controls keep tabs on changes while still maintaining the content of the original file. Tracking shows who accessed and worked on individual files, adding a level of security impossible with paper-based systems.

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