Prepare for Disaster With Document Management

cloud document management

The past several years have taught us that disaster preparedness is a business essential. Power outages, equipment failures, natural disasters, human error, and cyber attacks are just a few of the ways your business can suffer a catastrophic loss. The question you must answer is, are you prepared?

Preparing for the Worst

Your company's most valuable assets are its employees and its collective knowledge. In the wake of a natural disaster or another event, connecting with your staff is your top priority. Your next priority is to check your information—is it safe? Can you still gain access?

Keep your business running.

A document management system is your first line of defense in protecting your company's information and processes. By storing them in a document management system, your team will have any time/anywhere access to critical documents. After a disaster, this access is the only thing preventing your company from permanent process interruption and ultimately, closing your doors for good.

Here's a checklist of important disaster recovery plans your company can make, beginning today.


Establishing contact with your staff after a disaster is vital. If you don't already have one, an emergency phone tree is a useful tool. Keep contact information for employees, customers, and business partners stored in your document management system to ensure access.

Access to information.

When you've stored your data in a document management system and the cloud, your staff will have access from any location with internet access. Even if most of your computers are not available, your team will still have access via other devices.

Protect your information.

Compliance regulations don't go out the window following a disaster. A document management system can keep vital protections in place so your company won't face penalties for failure to comply.

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