Protect your Business Against Ransomware Attacks


IT security is not an area of business to take lightly. This includes the most critical part of security: data backup and recovery. Ransomware attacks are more prevalent than ever, and backup is the best way to protect your most valuable asset – your data.

It's not just small-to-mid-sized businesses. Companies of all sizes are being hit by ransomware. The problems come on the recovery end since smaller companies often lack the financial resources required to bounce back after a major security breach. Keep reading to learn about the importance of IT security, including backup and recovery measures.

Protection You Can Count On

When it comes to IT security, your business must implement a comprehensive solution that includes an encrypted backup and recovery system.

Here are four tips to enhance your backup systems and protect your data:

  1. Monitor and Learn: Monitor your backup processes. Understand how they work as well as the information you gain from it. The sooner you discover a possible ransomware attack, the better chance you have of mitigating the damage. Be sure to look for irregularities in your daily backup logs and investigate anything suspicious.

  2. Keep Things Separate: Separate backups from your regular daily operations and working systems. You want to ensure that your backups are protected; keeping things separate adds an extra layer of protection to your IT security protocols.

  3. Take Care: Exert caution when using network file servers or online sharing services. The “always-on” nature of network servers make the backup process easy. However, these servers also can make it easier for ransomware to spread to connected devices and encrypt all of your valuable data. Backup your network file servers to a separate system and check the restore capabilities.

  4. Test and Test Again: Consistently testing your backup and restore processes is critical to your overall IT security. Backing up your data is essential but is futile if it cannot be accessed in the event of an attack. Frequent backups and checks are the best way to remain vigilant. Learn how.