Protecting Your Law Firm with Cybersecurity


As a law firm, your firm is all about creating and managing documents. It also has to be about keeping them as safe and private as possible. It's vital for both employee and client data to stay behind as much security as possible to keep it private. There are several layers of security that can be applied to documents and other data that are within your firm's computer network.


With so many high-tech security measures these days, worrying about passwords seems as if it would be a secondary concern. However, the use of passwords is the first line of cybersecurity. It happens too often that workers use simple passwords, such as "password," and don't think anyone will find out. Simple passwords are simple to hack, so it only takes one simple password for cyberthieves to gain access to the network. Employees should be trained about how to create strong passwords and how often to change them for even better security for the entire network. In a law firm, it's up to every employee to uphold the best password practices.

Storage in the Cloud

Being able to store data in the cloud is a good way to keep it even more secure. In addition, having regular back-ups that are stored in the cloud can protect against data loss. To keep data secure is a major need in the law industry, and the cloud is considered to be a highly secure way to store data. By law, law firms have to make an effort to keep sensitive data private, and this is a good solution for this purpose.


To keep data away from cyber thieves, your cybersecurity methods should include software that encrypts your data. End-to-end encryption creates data encryption that starts at the beginning of the data stream and continues through the data reaching its destination. Grabbing data from data streams is a favorite tactic of cybercriminals, but this method stops them from being able to use any data that they are able to hack. It presents the data as an incomprehensible code that is useless to the thieves. 

If your law firm needs a better level of cybersecurity, contact us today to find out what we can do for you. As cybertheft evolves, so do the countermeasures used to combat it.