Protection from Internal and External Cyber Threats

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When businesses consider their IT security plan, they often make protecting their network against cyberattacks the top priority. And, while hackers are certainly a major threat to your company’s security, vulnerabilities can also occur on the inside.

When it comes to your managed IT security plan, don’t overlook the internal security threats for the sake of protection from external threats. You need a comprehensive system that safeguards you from all angles.

Defensive Measures

There are a variety of tools and protective measures you can implement as part of your managed IT that will protect you against internal security threats.

One of the most basic is password protection, which should be used for your WiFi as well as any network-connected devices like computers, tablets, and printers. When the devices on your network are vulnerable, it puts your whole enterprise at risk.

Antivirus software is a great tool for internal protection against things such as a download or link with a virus. Not all internal threats are malicious; sometimes it can be a staff member mistakenly opening a suspicious message or documents.

Access Right Management is another critical measure of protection. ARM software allows you to allow and restrict access by employee as needed, protecting sensitive data from prying eyes. Having these checks and balances in place not only guards you against threats, but it also ensures that you are compliant with privacy and security rules and regulations.

Tools and Training

While external threats and hacker attacks are a legitimate threat to your business, industry experts estimate that a least half of security breaches originate from employee neglect or carelessness. As mentioned above, many internal threats are the result of oversight or negligence, but that does not mean they aren’t damaging. For a small-to-mid-sized business, a security breach can cause significant damage financially and reputationally.

Communication and education are the best ways to ensure that employees are vigilant. People will be much less bothered by continually having to update their password if they understand that it is part of a comprehensive managed IT plan intended to safeguard the integrity of your network. Hosting education sessions and training — rather than just sending out mass emails — can go a long way to ensuring the security of your data.

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