Reduce Operating Costs With Managed Print Services


When your equipment fails to perform, your employees become stymied in their efforts to complete their tasks. When employees are forced to deal with paper jams, printer error codes, and empty supply closets, you're also spending more money on labor costs. Outsourcing your print environment to Managed Print Services takes these and other burdens from your employees.

Managed Print Services also lives up to its reputation as a cost-cutting measure. Here's how the savings come together.

1. Reduced printing waste — On your own, efforts to reduce printing waste may be ineffective. A Managed Print Services solution measures your print volumes, then uses proven strategies to bring them back to an amount that makes sense for your requirements.

2. Maintenance and repairs — Managed Print Services provide your company with industry-trained technicians to maintain and repair your devices. MPS experts often address problems before employees know they exist, and with everything under one predictable monthly invoice, you won't need to worry about unexpected repair costs.

3. A streamlined fleet — Does your fleet match your requirements, or are redundant and aging devices impacting your workflows? A Managed Print Services assessment includes an analysis of your fleet, with recommendations based on your current requirements.

4. Supply inventories — Supply mismanagement can lead to cost overages and closets full of excess toner cartridges. Managed Print Services providers monitor your devices and send supplies when you need them. With on-time supply replenishment, out-of-stock toner is never a problem.

5. IT strategies — IT helpdesk calls often center around print-related issues. By handing off printer support to Managed Print Services providers, your IT team can focus on maintaining your network and infrastructure.

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