Security Measures for Your Company's Data


What Steps Can an Operations Manager or Office Manager Take to Enhance Company Security?

Along with the advancements of internet technologies, come advancements of hackers into company systems. Information is received and sent with the click of one computer keyboard key in the blink of an eye. While it may take a bit longer for thieves to get into company systems, they can do it at an alarming rate. Companies have a mound of sensitive information to share, possibly. It is now more important than ever to secure your company data yesterday. Not securing your data in the best possible means could cost you a lot in the future.

You Can Trust Our IT Security

If your system is hacked into, it could cost you a lot more in the end than if you put a system in place. You will have to answer to your clients as well as HIPAA or the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Our skilled IT Security technicians make sure this never happens to the companies we serve. There is always a remote chance that thieves can gain a step ahead of us; however, not likely as our IT Security works tirelessly to make sure hackers gain no access.

Q. Does your office equipment, machines, need updating to keep in step with the immense changing communication technologies?

Q. Does your office staff have a variety of machines? Updating your office equipment means buying a multi-functional printer — this machine prints, copies, scans, and faxes.

Q. Does your company have a policy and procedure in place to meet the highest security needs?

  • Information Stolen in the Faxing and Scanning Process
  • Companies no longer need to rely on several machines to complete multiple tasks. Our advanced printers encrypt sensitive data when your company shares information.
  • Our IT Security makes sure you have policies and procedures in place to protect sensitive information. These newer machines contain a lot of new applications, enhancing security through special encryption techniques.
  • Ordinarily, it is the hard disk in the printer that stores information, which makes it easier for hackers to access this personal data. It is for this reason that this data is now encrypted or overwritten.
  • Office managers are frequently sitting in wait for the attacks by a virus such as ransomware or other viruses that can bring a company down quickly.

Tips for Office Managers and Operations Manager

  • Never use an analog phone to fax sensitive information.
  • Never allow unauthorized persons access to your fax machines.
  • Does your company require each employee to authenticate each use?
  • All printing jobs within a company need to be kept secure so that no other person can pick up a printed document from another employee. How often have you left documents in the printing machine and forgot to take it with you?
  • Does your company need a revised security plan?

If you're ready for a company that can help you update your office machines and heighten your security for the sake of HIPAA guidelines, employees, and your clients - it's time to contact us!