A Simple Guide to IT Security


The need for IT security has never been more important. The best practices in the office these days involve a serious strategy of safety and security for the company's computer network. Here are a few ways that IT security should manifest itself in your company.

Keeping Out Malware

One of the most immediate threats to computer networks is the use of malware. When a malicious software is introduced into your network, it can do untold damage to the system. Some are made to steal data from the network. Other types simply erase your important data. Ransomware breaches your data and holds it hostage for payment. Every company network should have a firewall to keep hackers out and should be responsive to active threats to the network. 

Looking Outside and In

There are countless hackers that prey on small businesses for a payday, but that doesn't mean that these outside hackers are the only danger. There are also people inside of small businesses who work against them for a profit. It may seem strange for an employee to target their own company, but it is in no way uncommon. And because employees are already working inside the system, it can be difficult to figure out who did it and exactly what they did. Using different passwords for different employees and giving workers access only to the areas that they need to access can help with this cyber threat.

Employee Security Training

Phishing attempts, malware, and other dangers often enter a computer network due to employee error. With the right training, this doesn't have to happen. Teaching workers about how hackers operate and the many forms their attempts to come in can make an enormous difference. Even if you believe that your employees already know about phishing and ransomware, a training session can help to remind them about how important cybersecurity really is. Your company's IT security may depend on it. 

If your business could use better IT security, contact us now to get started. We can help to boost your IT security and privacy compliance for a better, and safer, way of doing business.