Small Business 101: The Importance of IT Security


Information security is a continually changing and evolving area. It seems like every day; there are new security metrics and technologies that are being released. This is important because it allows companies to stay one step ahead of hackers and criminals. The top goal of any small business should be to keep its sensitive data and information safe. Even though many people think that a cyberattack can never happen to them, it only takes one strike to bring down an entire business. For this reason, it is critical for every small business to have a cybersecurity plan that can withstand hackers and criminals.

Build a Strong IT Security Policy

An information security policy is a critical part of running any small business. This policy should set forth the rules for how digital information needs to be handled. Technology evolves quickly, and everyone in the company needs to know how sensitive data is going to be handled. This will force a business to think through and discuss the various ways that the company handles data. With a comprehensive policy in place, there will be boundaries that specify how users can keep data safe. This will also act as a backup plan if something goes wrong during an emergency situation.

Testing the Security Policy

It is also important for the security policy to be tested regularly. This comes in the form of a risk assessment. When companies check their system, they might find areas where software is outdated and needs to be patched. The goal is to identify vulnerabilities in the system before the hackers do. Forgetting to patch these holes can leave the business susceptible to danger.

Training is Key

Finally, everyone in the company needs to be trained on policies, passwords, verification processes, and other essentials in the security world. Training needs to happen continually to make sure that everyone stays up to date. Security awareness training ensures that employees will know what to do if something terrible happens.

Rely on Century Business Technologies

At Century Business Technology, your IT security is our top priority. We invest in the latest technology and training to make sure we can take care of your sensitive data. Contact us today to learn more!