Streamline Your Workflows with a Document Capture Solution

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Is manual information processing holding your company back? A lack of productivity and growth can often be tied to internal processes, and the opposite is also true. If your team is required to spend hours each day manually keying in information to keep your business moving forward, you're spending too much of your revenues on manual data entry and document processing. Fortunately for SMBs like your's, there's a way to improve upon the current paradigm.

A More Efficient Solution

Here's an overview of the problems associated with manual information management along with the resolutions provided by a document capture system.

  1. Wasted time — There's never enough time in the day, and when you're wasting it to process information, there's no getting it back. A document capture solution streamlines the information-gathering process by allowing employees to scan documents directly to the desired location. And with an electronic document management system set up and ready to receive it, your document capture solution can extract data to route each record to the correct location.
  2. Data entry errors — Errors cost money, and they don't make for good business relationships either. A document capture solution that bypasses the human-error factor is a way to reduce embarrassing and costly mistakes.
  3. Improved document security — How many of your documents include sensitive or protected information? If they're lying around on desks, or stored in filing cabinets and computer hard drives, almost anyone can access the information. Document capture solutions allow you to scan and convert incoming documents and then shred the originals. Document management security features keep unauthorized users locked out of the system.

Are you ready for a more efficient and less expensive way to manage your information? Contact Century Business Technology to learn more about our document capture solution today!