The Top 10 Benefits of Managed IT Services


Managed IT firms handle informational technology services and support through cloud-based software. These services include round-the-clock monitoring of your system hardware, software, and wireless technologies. Companies like Century Business Technologies offer proactive support, timely troubleshooting, and repair for all IT-related problems. They also perform system audits and work with your in-house teams to secure higher productivity and performance across the board.

Here are some of the many services they offer for new and existing brands:

  • Remote monitoring of your company's IT systems
  • Network management and managed video conferencing solutions
  • Server maintenance with little to no disruption to daily business protocols
  • Cloud-based storage solutions, virtual machine management, and robust cybersecurity services with measurable results

There are so many benefits associated with managed IT services.

1. Streamlined, centralized operations

Your managed IT solutions and support team centralize and streamlined all technology-related operations. This includes monitoring, along with data management, data storage, and comprehensive security programs (anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-adware, anti-ransomware, etc.)

2. Network security measures

The company centralizes all apps and servers for improved security and stability. Your data and apps are hosted remotely in virtual server environments. Your data will remain safe and accessible during inclement weather or natural disasters via desired access/entry points.

3. Round-the-clock services

Round-the-clock services give you and your company peace of mind. With 24/7 monitoring, you never have to worry about network failures or downtime during maintenance. Your network will remain online and secure with virus monitoring and strong safety protocols in place that stops unsolicited digital access and foreign intrusion.

4. Professional IT teams

IT teams are fully trained and offer better services than most in-house teams. No matter your organization's IT infrastructure or software/hardware demand, specially trained Items have unparalleled skill sets that meet your needs with expedited results.

5. Collaborative IT solutions

Managed IT teams work with your in-house teams, so everyone is on the same page. While your in-house squad can focus on innovation, your IT team can focus on the businesses' daily IT needs and core competencies. They can also collaborate with your in-house departments to create viable and lasting technological solutions.

6. Compliance management solutions

Managed IT teams also ensure compliance is met across the board. This includes protecting consumer privacy, along with the security of their financial/personal data. E-commerce platforms are also scanned to make sure they meet all national and international rules and guidelines. These include safe transfer protocols for online purchases, private/discreet customer data retention, and online safety protocols for artificial intelligence (AI) for recurring customers or clients.

7. IT network stability

A secure, stable IT network reduces costs and frees up cash in digital supply chains. Managed IT services tend to have low start-up costs and little overhead with flexible, affordable monthly payments.

8. Centralized IT management

Centralized management reduces overall infrastructure costs. It also ensures all employees (in-house and remote) are on the same page to meet daily business objectives and directives. They never have to worry about a lack of internet speed or security, whether working in-house or from off-site locations.

9. IT costs scalability

Scalability controls costs and conserves essential resources. You can quickly scale up your managed IT services as your business grows. However, scalable managed It solutions can also be seasonal – increased during busy times or scaled-down as and when needed.

10. One-stop solutions

Having one company manage your IT solutions reduces the strain on your in-house IT teams. From cost-savings and 24/7 monitoring, you get reassurance that your networks and systems are always online – and will work when you need them. The managed team continues to learn, train, and upgrade systems that reflect the latest technologies and solutions for brands of all sizes.

To learn more about managed IT solutions for your enterprise, contact Century Business Technologies today.