The What, How, and Why of Document Management Systems


The management of documents is one of the things that workers spend a significant percentage of their time on. Creating the documents isn't the end of the process with them. There is also the use of digitizing office machines and the storage of both paper and digital files. To make these processes easier and less time consuming, there are full document management systems that seek to make it all faster and easier.

Digitizing Your Files

Every office worker has paper files. And for some industries, it's common to have many filing cabinets full of thousands and thousands of files. Imagine the process that is required to retrieve one or even to find the best place to file it. Today's digital document management systems use scanners to scan in the paper files so that the paper files no longer need to be kept. This makes the entire process of managing documents easier over the life of that document. 

Managing the Files

Once the files have all been digitized, they can be organized and stored in the cloud. This makes them extremely easy to find when they are needed, and it allows for quick filing when the document is created. This saves countless hours, over time, that would have been used for physical filing, retrieval, and refiling when new cabinets are needed. And because the files can be found in seconds, it saves work hours and gives overall productivity a boost.

Compliance and Trust

When you use a digital document management system, it's an easier task to keep the data in those files safe. Because there are no paper files around, or very few, the data can't be stolen by merely taking files from the office or photographing them. With today's many data compliance guidelines and laws, it's up to each company to make data from both employees and customers as safe as possible. Not doing so can mean being given fines and losing the trust of those who get their data stolen.

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