What to Look for in a Document Management System

document management

If you aren't happy with your document management system, there is no reason to stay with it. There are better systems on the market that can do a lot for your documents as well as for your business as a whole.

The Scalability of Your DMS

Few companies stay static for long. Businesses either grow, or they cut back, and you likely want to see yours grow. When you have a DMS that is only for a certain number of people or a few devices, that's not a system that is well-placed to grow as you grow. The best document management systems are scalable. They are made for an ever-expanding workforce that will eventually have more and more devices and employees. If your DMS isn't scalable, it may be time to find one that is.

The User Experience

The whole point of a document management system is that it should make processes more manageable. If yours is so complicated to use that your workers have a hard time with it, it isn't a more manageable system than going back to filing cabinets. In fact, you could be losing a lot of productivity to employees trying to figure out how to work the system. You need document management that is easy to learn and to use with other applications. Interconnectivity is an integral part of every business's systems, and a DMS that can be easily used on a variety of devices is always best.

Is It Keeping You Safe?

Another main factor in choosing a document management system is the safety it brings to your documents. If there are no safety and security features, or the bare minimum, your system isn't doing what it could to keep your private data safe. There should be various password protections as well as encryption to keep your documents secure. If you worry about the safety of your system, it may be time to upgrade to one that takes security seriously.

If you are interested in a document management system that is easy to learn, scalable, and safe and secure, contact us today to find out more and learn about how we can help your business.