What Should Document Management Look Like?

Check mark on wooden blocks being placed down by hand on a blue background. Checklist concept.

Whether you're just starting out with document management or are working on perfecting an existing system, one thing's for sure: it helps to have a goal in mind. Today we'll show you what good document management looks like so you know where to go with your own!

The Document Management Checklist

How do you know if a document management system is strong, reliable, and efficient? Simple: compare it against this checklist!

#1: Data capture

What it is: In document management systems, data capture refers to the tools and solutions you use to gather information from its original form and transfer it into your system. This often takes the form of a scanner or multifunction device.

Why it's important: High-quality data capture is the first step in a solid document management system--and if your system doesn't check this box, it's not ready to meet your needs.

#2: Security

What it is: Security is a huge part of document management. It's all about protecting your files both online and off, eliminating internal and external risks, and providing reliable solutions without creating frustrating hurdles in your workflows.

Why it's important: Strong security should always be part of your document management system because it needs to be built into everything you do. When security is overlooked, you leave your door open for all kinds of trouble.

#3: Organization

What it is: In document management, good organization is all about naming conventions, keywords, and rules for where and how to save files.

Why it's important: Document management systems should help you get and stay organized, but if they don't provide the tools and solutions to get you there, they need more work.


If you're wondering whether your document management system is as strong as it could be, or if you're implementing a new system, don't worry. There are ways to measure success and reliability in document management. Just focus on priority areas like data capture, security, and organization, and you'll be well on your way to excellent document management!

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