Why Electronic Document Capture and Document Management is Catching On

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Electronic document management is catching on, and businesses are using the solution to save money, improve productivity, and secure sensitive information. If your organization has yet to adopt a document management solution, here's a look at how it could revolutionize your future.

The Document Management Solution

Businesses have never given up finding a better way to manage information. Electronic document management is a long way from color-coded paper filing systems, and we're convinced it's a move in the right direction. Here's why.

Find information faster.

You need a file, and you need it now. Would you rather rummage through a filing cabinet or enter a few keywords to find it? With a paper-based filing system, it's anybody's guess how long it could take to locate and pull a file. With a document management system in place, important documents can be accessed in seconds.

Improve productivity and secure information.

It may be obvious, but the ability to locate information is a tremendous time-saver. Document management also adds features to automate business processes, keep track of document changes and updates, and collaborate in real-time with colleagues. Permissions and tracking keep sensitive documents from unauthorized access.

How to Get It There

Getting information into your document management system is the first crucial step in the process. To accomplish this, you'll need to choose a document capture solution and a multifunction device. Document capture solutions help you quickly extract accurate information from your files and initiate capture workflows.

  • Faster organization of incoming information from email attachments, Microsoft Word and Excel files, PDFs, and more.
  • Improved accuracy by eliminating manual data entry.
  • Streamlined workflows.
  • Lower operating costs.

Does paper still have a hold on your business processes? Contact us at Century Business Technologies to learn more about our Document Management and Document Capture solutions today!