Why Focus on Cybersecurity in 2022?

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The beginning of a new year always brings fresh opportunities. For businesses, that means deciding where to put your time and energy. In 2022, your resolution should focus on cybersecurity--and here's why.

4 Reasons to Focus on Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has long been a vital part of the business world. While it's an important element to focus on every year, it seems particularly relevant in 2022.

Here are four reasons to pay attention to cybersecurity in the coming months:

It's getting smarter.

Cybersecurity threats are always changing. The people behind them--hackers and other digital criminals--have to get smarter every day to make sure they can always break through different defenses. In 2022, these online bad guys are renewing their efforts to steal data, which means you need to be especially vigilant.

It's getting meaner.

If cybersecurity is a game, the enemy team is playing dirty. They've decided to focus their efforts on the littlest players--that is to say, small businesses. They think that small businesses won't have the money or resources for proper cybersecurity, so they're turning you into a target. That's why you need to stay prepared.

It's getting trickier.

As criminals get smarter and threats become more advanced, it becomes difficult to keep up with all the rules. Even informed, savvy employees may stumble into a new trap they didn't know to look for. This is just one more reason to put your energy toward cybersecurity and employee training in 2022.

It's getting easier, too.

That's right--even though small businesses are under attack and cybersecurity is more important than ever, it's also easier than ever to protect your data and networks. That's because solutions like managed IT services are at your fingertips, just waiting to help optimize your tech setup and help identify vulnerabilities in your security approach.


Cybersecurity is something you should focus on every year--but in 2022, it's more important than ever. That's because it's getting smarter, meaner, and trickier--but luckily, it's also getting easier. Make your New Year's resolution "focusing on cybersecurity," and you've taken the first step toward protecting yourself, your data, and your company from digital attacks.

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