Why Optimize Your Legal Firm's Workflows?

people sitting at desk looking at documents

How much of your law firm's time falls into the non-billable category? Process bottlenecks and dependence on manual workflows can put legal professionals in a position of ongoing time-debt.

On Your Own?

Legal offices may attempt to develop workflows without the assistance of a third party. The choice seems logical because who better than your firm's management team understands the processes involved in each case?

Because complex infrastructure is required to initiate and maintain workflows, internal teams will need to understand not only the complexities of industry regulations and compliance laws but also have a working knowledge of workflow optimization solutions.

A Third-Party Approach

What isn't often understood is that optimizing workflows requires technical expertise that goes beyond specific industry knowledge. Outsourcing to a process management expert gives legal firms access to experts who understand the clearly defined principles needed to improve workflows. Additionally, their working knowledge of compliance laws and security can eliminate the uncertainties caused when law offices attempt to formulate workflows on their own.

Here's a summary of some benefits that accompany professional workflow optimization processes.

  1. Automated document capture — When dependent on paper processes, law office employees spend hours reading and entering information. In addition to lost time, data entry errors can be costly. Scanning solutions and OCR technology automates the data entry process and converts documents into editable digital formats.
  2. Automated workflows — Once captured and converted, information flows to a centralized storage repository. From there, a wide range of solutions are used to automate and optimize company workflows.
  3. Improved document security — Manual processes leave much to be desired in the way of security. Electronic document management mitigates the risks of keeping sensitive information on paper or computer hard drives.

Now is an excellent time to digitize and optimize your legal firm's workflows. To learn how the process works, get in touch with us at Century Business Technologies today.