Your Business and a Cybersecurity Audit


Cybersecurity is a complicated industry, and it can be hard to understand exactly how it works and whether it is protecting your business. We tend to allow it to happen in the background rather than putting a lot of focus on it. However, from time to time a full cybersecurity audit should be run in order to assess just how effective it really is.

Assessing Effectiveness

There is no way to know just how effective your cybersecurity systems are without conducting an audit. Your IT service should have scheduled audits that are done on a recurring schedule. This can often be done remotely. It's common for managed IT companies to conduct these audits regularly and submit a report about the effectiveness of the system. It's also possible to have a more complete audit done, with employee practices factored into how secure the system really is.

Collecting Data

Auditing your company's cybersecurity requires analyzing a huge amount of data. Your IT team can take this data and see what is going right and what may be going wrong. They can also prioritize sections of the data to see what is most important to act on. If there has been a data breach, it's especially important to find out how it occurred and what needs to be changed in order to prevent it from happening again.

Checking for Compliance

Part of your cybersecurity goals is to make sure that you stay compliant within your industries. This can be a complicated business, as compliance depends on a lot of factors. How much private data your company has, the size of your company, the industry, and recent regulations all factor into its success or failure. If your managed IT company understands your industry and is familiar with the regulations for it, your cybersecurity audit should be thorough enough to make it clear whether you are compliant.

If your business could use a cybersecurity audit, contact us today to find out how to get started. A company can never be too safe in today's climate of data breaches and security regulations. IT security is needed by all of today's businesses no matter what their size.