Is Your IT Budget Forecast Accurate for This Year?

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Does your budget for the coming year include enough for IT expenses? Deciding how much to allocate for IT can be tricky, and sometimes the best you can do is to make an educated guess.

Budget Forecasting for IT

If you lack confidence in your IT allowance for the coming year, the following issues are the most likely culprits.

Emergency IT Expenses

Last-minute responses to IT emergencies could easily be your highest expense on this year's P&L statement. Emergency network services and midnight responses that spill into the weekend can devastate your budget. Many companies don't plan enough for the inevitable emergency scenario.


Businesses need an upgrade plan that encompasses all facets of their IT infrastructure. Apps, software, virus protection, and equipment all demand regular upgrades to continue offering uninterrupted network performance.

IT Security Hits

Is your business prepared for an IT security event? Data loss can be financially devastating, especially when it includes confidential information. Even when companies manage to cobble a business back together following data loss, the damage to their reputation and customer confidence can prevent recovery.

A Managed Approach

You may be wondering if there's any use aiming for an IT budget that's anything close to accurate. With so many unknowns to factor into the equation, it may seem as if your best hope lies in an educated guess and a lot of luck.

Fortunately, you can have budget predictability for your IT expenses. With a managed services partnership, your company has access to a wide range of IT service offerings at a set monthly price. With no more IT surprises in your future, you can concentrate on what you do best.

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