Your Network Is Only As Secure As Your Habits

It was almost impossible to miss the headlines about the last worldwide security breach. As it always the case, the world learned a few things from the experience, but was it enough?

Secure Your Network

Managed Network Services providers are experts when it comes to securing your data, but you and your staff still have a critical role to play.

  1. Demand robust passwords — Did you know that the most commonly used password is (wait for it) password? You hope no one in your organization has chosen that one, but you never know. Check with your Managed Network Services provider for help choosing robust passwords, and don't forget to change them regularly.

  2. Disable inactive employee accounts — We hate to say it, but a significant number of security breaches are caused by disgruntled former employees. Don't wait to disable inactive accounts when employees leave your organization.

  3. Update everything — The WannaCry ransomware attack had no effect whatsoever on users who had followed through with suggested updates. Don't put these friendly reminders off until it's too late—update ASAP, always.

  4. Secure your multifunction printer — Your multifunction system and networked printers are portals directly into your network and your data. Check with your Managed Network Services provider to make sure these devices have the latest security protocols installed.

  5. Backup everything offsite — Let's assume the worst, and you lose everything; the computers are gone, the furniture is gone, even the roof is gone. Does that mean your business is simply gone? Not if you've backed up your data and have a disaster recovery plan in place. The real value of your business lies with your collective knowledge. Aside from your employees, nothing else in your business is as important as that.

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