Is Your SMB Protected With IT Security?


If your small to medium business is not covered for calamities with IT security, you're taking a big risk. These days, it isn't just the huge companies that are getting hacked and becoming the targets of thieves. Businesses of every size need good IT security so they don't become the latest casualty of data thieves.

Protection Around the Clock

If you don't have the protection that is there around the clock, you aren't well protected. Hacking can happen at any time, and it often happens late at night when hackers think that no one is watching. If you have IT monitoring during that time, an attack can often be dealt with quickly before a breach of data occurs. This makes it highly advantageous to have 24-hour monitoring that can see when there are attacks on the network and respond to them appropriately- even if it isn't during normal working hours. 


Outsourcing your IT security is often the very best way to handle security issues with your network. Having an IT department on the payroll is often too pricey for SMBs to take on. In addition to hiring several specialists, you would also have to buy all of their equipment. You may also need a larger office as a whole, as your IT team will need plenty of room. Instead of paying for all of those costs, you can outsource the department and pay just a fraction of what you would for new hires. This is a highly cost-efficient choice that more and more businesses are making.

Productivity and Security

If there is a security threat, and that threat isn't dealt with quickly, it could take days, or even weeks, to clean up the mess and try to get your SMB back to work. This is a massive loss to the company's productivity. You could lose clients, have to turn away customers, etc. Keeping your office at its best productivity is the best way to stay competitive, but that often can't happen without high-quality IT security in place for your business.

If your company needs IT security or better security than it has, call us today and find out more about our IT security services.