3 Tips for Better Document Management Solutions

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Certain business solutions come in "cookie-cutter" formats, meaning that there's not much room for personalization. Document management isn't like that. Instead of giving you tools that supposedly work for everyone, document management gives you options--and, perhaps most importantly, the chance to make these solutions your own. Here are three ways to do just that!


Cybersecurity: How to Make Employees Your Secret Weapons


In the battle against hackers and other digital threats, commonly known as cybersecurity, you have a lot of tools up your sleeve. For example, you may rely on passwords, firewalls, security procedures, and user authentication solutions to get the job done--but did you know that people are actually your greatest asset? Here are a few ways to make employees your secret weapons in cybersecurity!


IT Security vs. Information Security


There are so many types of security that it can be challenging to keep up with everyone. Print, data, device, information--all need to be protected, and all come with their own unique challenges and vulnerabilities. One question many companies have is how these types of security are different--for example, IT security vs. information security. Here's a closer look to help you know exactly what you're protecting!



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