Optimize your Workflows with Process Mapping


When it comes time to optimize your workflows, you have to put in the work to eliminate inefficiencies and introduce smart processes. It does not have to be complicated or tedious. Establishing workflow process mapping is an essential first step to ensuring your workflows perform optimally.

Your business has workflows whether or not you define and optimize them. Since undefined workflows equal inefficiency, read on to learn how to map them for maximum productivity.

Safeguarding your Network with Access Controls

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With so much talk about cyberthreats and hacker attacks, executing an IT security plan can feel overwhelming. Partnering with a professional services provider for IT security support is an excellent way to ensure you have a comprehensive plan in place. When it comes to planning and executing your network security, don’t forget that many threats lurk within your organization.

Protection from Internal and External Cyber Threats

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When businesses consider their IT security plan, they often make protecting their network against cyberattacks the top priority. And, while hackers are certainly a major threat to your company’s security, vulnerabilities can also occur on the inside.

When it comes to your managed IT security plan, don’t overlook the internal security threats for the sake of protection from external threats. You need a comprehensive system that safeguards you from all angles.

From Off-Site Storage to Digital Document Storage

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Nearly every business has a document storage problem. Legal guidelines require the retention of certain documents, such as bills, invoices, and receipts for specific timeframes. Moreover, yearly audits require even more documentation.

All of this leads to the booming off-site storage industry — a vast and expensive wasteland of paper as far as the eye can see. Sure, off-site document storage has some advantages: you remain compliant by keeping critical documents and clear up precious space by having them stored away from the office.

Managed IT Tips: What is MFA?

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Managed IT can do a lot of great things for your company, from boosting security to improving efficiency, but one of its best advantages is "helping you help yourself." With the right knowledge and a little guidance from your managed IT provider, you can make big changes in your company--and MFA is a great place to start.

Why Optimize Your Legal Firm's Workflows?

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How much of your law firm's time falls into the non-billable category? Process bottlenecks and dependence on manual workflows can put legal professionals in a position of ongoing time-debt.

On Your Own?

Legal offices may attempt to develop workflows without the assistance of a third party. The choice seems logical because who better than your firm's management team understands the processes involved in each case?


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