Managed Print Benefits for Supply Chain Companies

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Do you have tools in place to track printing costs for your supply chain company? For businesses in the manufacturing and distribution sectors, printing costs can go as high as 20% of annual revenues. Keeping tabs on spending can be extremely difficult when printing devices and activities are widely distributed across multiple locations.

5 Document Management Benefits for the Construction Industry

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Think electronic document management is a solution only for document-intensive industries like finance, healthcare, and law? While it's true that they all see major advantages from their document management systems, your construction company also has unique requirements that could benefit from digital business processes.

Here's how paperless document management could revolutionize day-to-day processes for your construction company.

How Well Are Your Workflows Working Out?


How well are your company's workflows serving your current needs? It's not unusual for organizations to have the same processes for years, never questioning whether a procedure that worked in 1998 is still the best fit for the company in 2018.

It's About Money and Time

No one questions the fact that time and money are connected, especially in business. Inefficient workflows use more time than they need to, costing organizations of every size and description millions in lost productivity every year. Is it time for a review of yours?

How Document Management Saves Time and Money

document management

Every department in your company, from accounting to customer service, can benefit from electronic document management. Here's a look at the advantages your company could gain with the right document management tools on your side.

Faster, Better, and for Less Money

If spending less while accomplishing more is one of your goals this year, document management delivers the full package. Take a look.

A “Dynamic Duo” - Century Business Technologies Acquires Dynamic Computer Solutions

A “Dynamic Duo” - Century Business Technologies Acquires Dynamic Computer Solutions

Topeka, KS - Century Business Technologies is pleased to announce the launching of an expanded managed IT services division, with the addition of one of its business partners, Dynamic Computer Solutions, effective July 31, 2018.

Document Management Advantages for the Healthcare Industry

document management in healthcare

The healthcare industry has always faced unique challenges, and one of them includes the high cost of managing paperwork. The day-to-day records management costs associated with each patient and office visit comprise upwards of 25% of yearly expenditures, and when healthcare facilities rely on paper-based processes, those costs have nowhere to go but up.


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