SMBs Can Save Time and Money With Document Management

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Ten thousand. That's how many sheets of paper the average U.S. knowledge worker goes through every year. Astonishing, isn't it? We can go paperless (or nearly so) in the office, but we're cranking out more printed documents than ever before. What's going on?

It's All About Your Time and Money

A few sheets of paper here and there don't look like much, but the costs add up. U.S. businesses divert more than $120 billion each year to print documents. Imagine the growth that could happen if those funds were allocated to core projects instead?

Are You Ready to Transform Your Workflows?

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You've no doubt heard the buzz surrounding the term digital disruption. Simply stated, digital disruption is the dramatic shift that occurs in businesses who adopt emerging technologies, thereby impacting the worth of the goods and services they offer. Perhaps nothing else has had greater potential to change industries, completely redesign the playing field, and redefine existing markets.

Managed Print Services: Your Problems—Our Solutions

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Not paying attention to your print environment may be causing you more problems than you realize. Those hidden expenses can add up, and then there's the issue of security. Check out our round-up of challenges and the practical solutions provided by managed print services.

Problem #1: Hidden Costs

Are hidden costs driving up your print spend? A managed print services assessment can help uncover these costs.

Why You Should Say Goodbye to Your Filing Cabinets

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If you're still dependent on filing cabinets to organize your documents, you're missing out. Read on to learn how electronic document management can change everything about the way your company conducts business.

1. Find Everything Faster

One of the worst problems associated with paper-based systems is the inability to find files quickly. Document management eliminates the problem by replacing your current system with full text, keyword search capabilities. Simply search the client name or anything related to the content and the file will available instantly.

Three Steps for Identifying Workflow Bottlenecks

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The first step in fixing anything (your car, your back, your computer) is identifying what's broken. Your workflows are no different.

At Century Business Technologies, we work with our clients to provide solutions for workflows that are broken. To find out how and where your workflows are creating difficulties for your business, read our suggestions for a three-step process for identifying your company's unique pain points.

Meet Your Challenges Head On With Advanced Document Capture

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The challenges facing billion dollar businesses don't look much different than those facing small local companies. It naturally follows that, since the difficulties are the same, the solutions must also be the same. Find out how billion dollar businesses are leveraging advanced document capture to solve a host of problems.


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