Three Can't-Miss Benefits of Managed Print Services

managed print services

If you've ever wondered how Managed Print Services would benefit your business, here are three specific areas where the advantages are hard to miss.

Benefits for Your Bottom Line

Most companies try out a Managed Print Services engagement in hopes of saving money, and they're rarely disappointed. With overall savings as high as 30% of existing print costs, a Managed Print Services solutions is a proven money saver. Here's how:

Reduce Costs and Improve Workflows with Managed Print


You may have a basic understanding of how Managed Print Services works and the cost-saving benefits it can bring to your organization. To appreciate the full value, however, requires a closer look at how the service can impact spending as well as workflows, departmental spending, and overall productivity.

Here's why successful business leaders choose a Managed Print Services partnership.

Avoid Fines and Litigation With a Document Capture Solution

document capture

The documents that flow through your business must be managed in some way. Some organizations discover too late that inefficiencies and undefined procedures can lead to compliance issues and even costly litigation.

If you're still unsure about your direction, read on to discover how a robust document capture solution can help you begin solving your document-related workflow issues once and for all.

New Savings from Your Managed Print Services Provider

managed print services

If you're an experienced end-user in an ongoing managed print services program, you may be ready to consider how managed services can extend to other areas of your business. If this is your second or even third-generation managed print services engagement, you may have successfully reduced printing costs and improved productivity across your organization. Now is a good time to meet with your managed print provider to find out about new opportunities for savings.

3 Document Management Benefits for Healthcare Facilities

healthcare document management

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities in the United States are under increasing pressure to reduce costs. Doing so without compromising patient care is an ongoing challenge. Paperwork is one area where the healthcare industry is in a unique position; because volume is very high, solutions designed to reduce paper usage could be the answer to the industry's ever-growing administrative costs.

Are Your Workflows Moving For or Against Your Success?


Are your employees involved in improving and optimizing your company workflows? Making your approach to automated workflows user and employee-centered rather than solely IT-centered delivers a better foundation and more chance of staff buy-in.

For workflows that add value to your company, read on for some suggestions for evaluating your existing situation and identifying key areas where workflow optimization can save time and money.

Managed Print Services for the Wide Format Sector


Managed Print Services is now well established as a cost-saving solution, slashing print spends an average of 30% for companies of all types and sizes.

It's this ongoing success that has Managed Print Services providers and end-users exploring opportunities for the same results in the wide-format sector. Not surprisingly, the findings are encouraging.

Make Your Next Audit Smooth Sailing with a Document Management Solution

document management

Audits aren't on anyone's list of Top Ten Ways to Have a Great Time, but they are, unfortunately, a business reality.

Identifying and correcting the cause of any difficulty is the best way to meet it head-on. In the case of audits, the entire process of gathering the required documents far outpaces the fear of discovering a minor mistake. To begin addressing the issue, let's first identify the source of the problem.


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