Are Your Workflows Moving For or Against Your Success?


Are your employees involved in improving and optimizing your company workflows? Making your approach to automated workflows user and employee-centered rather than solely IT-centered delivers a better foundation and more chance of staff buy-in.

For workflows that add value to your company, read on for some suggestions for evaluating your existing situation and identifying key areas where workflow optimization can save time and money.

Managed Print Services for the Wide Format Sector


Managed Print Services is now well established as a cost-saving solution, slashing print spends an average of 30% for companies of all types and sizes.

It's this ongoing success that has Managed Print Services providers and end-users exploring opportunities for the same results in the wide-format sector. Not surprisingly, the findings are encouraging.

Make Your Next Audit Smooth Sailing with a Document Management Solution

document management

Audits aren't on anyone's list of Top Ten Ways to Have a Great Time, but they are, unfortunately, a business reality.

Identifying and correcting the cause of any difficulty is the best way to meet it head-on. In the case of audits, the entire process of gathering the required documents far outpaces the fear of discovering a minor mistake. To begin addressing the issue, let's first identify the source of the problem.

Improve Productivity with a Document Capture Solution

Extracting information from paper files is time-consuming and intense without the right technology. Just one client's file can include a wide variety of documents, including contracts, proposals, emails with attachments, web forms, faxes, and more. Document capture automation can help your team extract, organize, and save pertinent information to a centralized location.

Reduce Operating Costs With Managed Print Services


When your equipment fails to perform, your employees become stymied in their efforts to complete their tasks. When employees are forced to deal with paper jams, printer error codes, and empty supply closets, you're also spending more money on labor costs. Outsourcing your print environment to Managed Print Services takes these and other burdens from your employees.

Managed Print Services also lives up to its reputation as a cost-cutting measure. Here's how the savings come together.


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