Scan to Email MFP Updates

Attn: Import Security Updates 

For our customers who Scan to Email from their MFPs using a Gmail account, be aware that Google has been making security changes that may cause your scan to email to stop working. These changes affect all gmail accounts as of May 30th, 2022 and cannot be disabled.

In order to increase security and safety online for their customers, Google has been:

How Document Management Helps You Go Paperless

The words 'go paperless' on computer keyborard.

It's one thing to say you want to go paperless in your office--but actually doing it is another thing entirely. The truth is that some people aren't sure they want to say goodbye to paper, let alone how they'd get started with such a big task. The good news is that document management makes it both simple and effective to go paperless--and here's how.



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