IT Security vs. Cybersecurity: What's the Difference?

Cyber security.

When it comes to protecting your company, there are two important terms to know: IT security and cybersecurity. However, it's not always obvious if these terms mean the same thing or if they represent two totally different approaches. Today we'll clear up this technological ambiguity by exploring the difference between IT security and cybersecurity!


Beware of New QuickBooks Payment Scams

Beware of QuickBooks phishing scams...

Many small and mid-sized companies use Intuit’s popular QuickBooks program. As your partner in technology, Century is sharing this recent news in hopes to prevent cybersecurity mistakes.  Unfortunately, phishing criminals are using QuickBooks’ popularity to send business email compromise (BEC) scams. The emails appear as if they are coming from a legitimate vendor using QuickBooks, but if the potential victim takes the bait, the invoice they pay will be to the scammer.


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