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The Kaseya Attack and What You Need to Know

Many of our clients might have read the news about the Kaseya ransomware attack that came out in early July. Specifically about the Kaseya VSA server that some Managed IT Providers use to manage their customer’s networks and how it has impacted businesses all over the world. This is a very serious threat that is targeting the Managed IT Services industry and has been a subject of discussion for over a few years now. 

Cybersecurity Tips: How Hackers Hack

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To make the most of your cybersecurity efforts, it's sometimes necessary to get inside the mind of the enemy--that is, to understand how hackers hack. That way, you know which doors to close, which vulnerabilities to look out for, and how to keep your company safe. Today we'll "think like hackers" and learn how this helps permanently improve your cybersecurity efforts!

IT Security Best Practices

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In the business world, you hear a lot about "best practices,"--but the truth is that these are more like guidelines. After all, what works for one business doesn't necessarily work for all of them. The goal, then, is to mix and match these approaches to find a combination of solutions that work best for you--so here are a few IT security best practices to choose from!


The Future of Cybersecurity

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We're all living in a world that, chances are, you and your company probably didn't predict--and you certainly didn't plan for. However, when "worst-case scenario" becomes a reality, it's important to navigate challenges as they come and keep an eye on the horizon to see what else may be headed your way. That's why now is the best time to roll up your sleeves and start thinking about the future of cybersecurity for your company.



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