Document Mangement Solutions for School Workflows


Technology has advanced quickly, and every industry has had to adapt to these changes. This includes the education system. Schools have numerous challenges in their day to day operations. There is a tremendous amount of paperwork that is required to make sure that schools function as they are intended. In addition to personnel records and purchase orders, there are unique documents that are found only in the academic sector. These include:

How To Disinfect Your Office Equipment and Protect Your Employees

Office equipment is one of the most commonly used tools in a bustling office environment. Yet, while most offices have the carpets vacuumed and the toilets scrubbed each day, copiers and printers are usually an afterthought for disinfection. That’s because office equipment typically only gets cleaned when it’s serviced by a technician, or a dust bunny shows up in a paper tray.

A Savings Breakdown of a Document Management System


With the rapid growth of technology in the business world, some people thought that paper was going to be a relic of the past. This is not the case. Furthermore, companies seem to be doing more printing than ever before. Paper is still used for communications, reports, invoices, and more. This paper takes up a lot of space. Without an organizational system, these documents can get lost. This is where a document management system can be helpful.

A New Approach to Implementing Cybersecurity


Cybersecurity is an important part of every business. Today, there are very few companies that operate without accessing the internet. While most companies are familiar with firewalls and antivirus software, it is important to take a comprehensive, holistic approach to the world of cybersecurity. Typically, most businesses think about their cybersecurity reactively. In this fashion, security experts use this fear to promote their products and services.

Small Business 101: The Importance of IT Security


Information security is a continually changing and evolving area. It seems like every day; there are new security metrics and technologies that are being released. This is important because it allows companies to stay one step ahead of hackers and criminals. The top goal of any small business should be to keep its sensitive data and information safe. Even though many people think that a cyberattack can never happen to them, it only takes one strike to bring down an entire business.


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