Ready to Cut Costs With Managed Print Services in 2018?

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It's never too early to begin thinking about the year ahead, and business leaders are already wondering how to reduce 2018's operating costs. Managed print services is one way smart businesses have found to reduce costs and deliver new efficiencies to their everyday processes.

Wondering how that works? Read on to find out!

3 Reasons Accounting Firms Choose Document Management

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Accounting offices are tasked with managing thousands of documents and the information they contain. What if your firm could deploy a solution that not only helps manage your information but also reduces costs and increases efficiency at the same time?

If you haven't yet considered switching from your current system to electronic document management, here are five reasons why you may want to begin the transition as soon as possible.

Better Workflows—Better Outcomes for Mortgage Processes


The mortgage process is often time-consuming and frustrating for all parties involved. The lending institution's staff is bogged down by paperwork, the lender is biting their nails and wondering what's taking so long, and the real estate professional is unable to provide a solution for anyone in the process.

Too often, mortgage origination processes go something like this:

The end is nearly in sight, and then someone discovers a missed step in the process.

SMBs Can Save Time and Money With Document Management

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Ten thousand. That's how many sheets of paper the average U.S. knowledge worker goes through every year. Astonishing, isn't it? We can go paperless (or nearly so) in the office, but we're cranking out more printed documents than ever before. What's going on?

It's All About Your Time and Money

A few sheets of paper here and there don't look like much, but the costs add up. U.S. businesses divert more than $120 billion each year to print documents. Imagine the growth that could happen if those funds were allocated to core projects instead?


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