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Local Decision Making

Our experience has taught us that the people best suited to make decisions about customer engagements are those closest to our customers and their needs. Therefore, localized decision-making is a fundamental Century Business Technologies organizational paradigm.

Through Century Business Technologies, our customers benefit from having a locally based management team that is empowered to make crucial decisions regarding business needs. Utilizing a national and regional support structure, our local management teams are provided with all of the training, tools and resources required to meet the demands of each individual customer site.

Century Business Technologies helps you maximize your productivity. We do this by giving you access to superior technology and knowledgeable, hard-working experts. Here are the leaders of our experienced team:

Dawna McCabe | President and CEO

Mark McCabe | Chief Business Development Officer

Susie Weick | Vice President of Operations

Lawrence Reynoso | Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Russell Kromminga | Director of Imaging Services

Stephanie Thompson | Director of Technical Services

Brian Habig | Service Manager

Guy Habig | Network Connectivity Manager

Royce Muller | Client Services Manager

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