Frequently Asked Questions - Secure Share for Administrators - FAQ

Answer: Yes. You can allow others to share files with you using Guest Accounts.

Here is how.

  1. Log into your Secure Share web page. (If you do not know what your webpage is, email with what is my Secure Share URL in the subject line and we can get you that information).
  2. At the top, click on Guests.
  3. Click on Create Guest.
  4. Fill in the information. You can click in the check box next to “auto-generate” if you want the system to create the Guest’s account password automatically.
  5. Click on Save. Your guest will be sent an email with instructions on how to log in.
  6. While still logged into your Secure Share web page, browse to the folder you want this user to have access to. You can also create a completely new folder for them to have access to if you want to limit what they see. This is usually the best security measure.
  7. Right click on the file and choose Share. (This can also be done from your computer that has Secure Share installed on it).
  8. When the Share Access window opens, Expand out Share Options and select expiration date.
  9. Expand out Share With. In the Recipients window, start typing in the email address or full name of the Guest you just created.
  10. Type in an optional Message.
  11. At the bottom, the Guest account will be listed. This is where you assign their permissions. Click the “Can Upload’ box if you want them to share files with you. Choose the “Can Delete” box if you want to give them the ability to delete anything in that folder.
  12. Click Save.

If you see a file in one of your Secure Share and it has "collision #" in the title, it means that there has possibly been an attempt to save multiple copies of the same file at the same time. Say you have the same file open in two different locations (your tablet and on your computer) and you make a change to one and save it while the other one is still open. Secure Share will allow both files to be saved, but the one that was saved first will "win". You will notice the file that has been saved second will have the "collision #" in the title. What you need to do is open both files, merge your changes, save the correctly titled document, and delete the "collision" file.

  • Log into your Secure Share web management console. To add an user who already exists on your domain, click on Settings > Authentication, select "Import users from an authentication source". Select the server from the drop down box under "Which Authentication Source". Scroll down to Organizational Units > Expand out Active Directory and browse to the container that holds the user in which you wish to add. If you are having trouble finding the right container, contact Century's Managed IT Service department for assistance.
  • To create a non-domain users, log into your Secure Share web management console. Select Accounts at the top. Click on "Create Account" and fill in the necessary data. You can auto-generate a password if desired, make sure to set your user's space quota. If you are unsure of what it should be, contact Century. Choose which team shares to add the user to and click save.