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Flexible Financing with Century Business Technologies

There are two main reasons that most companies choose to upgrade their office technologies: changes in technology and changes in their business needs. We understand that these changes can happen at any time. We offer flexible, upgradable, in-house leasing programs that will help you when you need it and meet the growing needs of your business. Our in-house leasing company allows you to lease your equipment, software and professional services, all bundled into one payment.

Advantages of Leasing with Century Business Technologies:

  • Locally owned, locally administered and locally funded
  • Flexibility vs a 3rd party leasing company
  • No hidden fees (most 3rd party leasing companies charge filing fees, early termination fees and end of lease shipping fees
  • No payment is required up front with approved credit
  • It is a more affordable option monthly
  • Lease payments can be structured to be tax deductible

We will customize financing to meet your specific needs.

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