Ricoh brings scalability to enterprise-grade mail solution's efficiency and automation

MALVERN, Pa., June 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Ricoh USA, Inc. today announced improved scalability of its latest mail distribution innovation, RICOH Intelligent Delivery Services. The suite of services, which "unifies the inbox" by revolutionizing the way mail is handled and delivered, is now configured to match the volume demands and business challenges found in a broader range of organizations. Previously available only as a high-volume, enterprise-specific application, RICOH Intelligent Delivery Services empowers a whole new set of businesses to reduce costs from delivering undesired mail, measure the impact of return mail, and boost speed and efficiency by funneling relevant mail pieces to employees in their preferred format. The new offering is designed to streamline mail handling for any organization with mid-volume mailrooms including law firms, healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies and health insurance providers. It digitizes incoming mail and leverages robotic process automation to optimize mail management. 

Just like its high-volume counterpart, which has helped provide a solution to the challenge of effectively delivering communications to employees while shifting to a remote workforce model, this more scalable version of RICOH Intelligent Delivery Services helps centralize incoming communications. That centralization streamlines the sharing of information and drives productivity in the modern workplace, where employees often hotdesk or work on-the-go, making reliably reaching a recipient at a single physical location a challenge. With this offering, when new mail arrives, recipients receive a notification email, from which they can choose their desired delivery options. These decisions can be made from any internet accessible device, so communications follow recipients wherever their work takes them.

Handling mail costs money. In fact, Madison Advisors reports that mail costs have spiked by 40 percent.* That cost, combined with the time required to evaluate mail pieces upon arrival, are factors that make RICOH Intelligent Delivery Services more appealing. By empowering recipients to digitally reject unwanted mail before it is delivered – and leveraging robotic process automation (RPA) to adjust workflows to automatically reject similar mail in the future – can help return the resources to core business needs. RPA enables mail to be routed to end users in their desired format by gathering data on user requests and intelligently integrating that data into the delivery workflow.  The newly announced iteration of RICOH Intelligent Delivery Services brings these crucial advantages to organizations with mid-sized volume demands.

"At Ricoh, we are always looking for ways to better serve all of our customers and enable them to work smarter. We are laser-focused on delivering solutions and services that empower the success of digital workplaces, for organizations with mail operations of all sizes," said Bob Brock, Vice President of Enterprise Services, Ricoh USA, Inc. "Physical mail remains a major aspect of communication in all businesses, and the inflated costs associated with outmoded mail operations hamper even organizations that handle medium mail volumes. By making RICOH Intelligent Delivery Services more scalable, we help a wider variety of businesses address these challenges and run more efficient, effective organizations, with more reliable lines of communication."

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