Ricoh unveils enhancements to Clickable Paper™, further expanding the service that transforms print into an interactive experience

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Ricoh USA, Inc. today unveiled new gamification and cookies-enablement features for Clickable Paper™, revealing its latest strategic investment for the future of print and augmented reality (AR) applications.  Clickable Paper leverages Ricoh Visual Search image recognition technology to enable communications to reach beyond the printed page by linking printed materials to rich online media sources – photos, websites, e-commerce portals, videos, social media platforms, to name a few – empowering marketers and other users to make print interactive quickly and easily, as it does not require any special markings such as QR codes.

With the addition of new gaming features, push notifications and cookies-enablement, Clickable Paper now allows users to engage in challenges, contests, quizzes, surveys and more, along with new customization and workflow capabilities, increasing and improving campaign engagement and ROI.  The new release will be demonstrated throughout EFI™ Connect this week in Las Vegas.

Users can begin implementing these new features immediately, even in ongoing campaigns. The ease-of-use of the service enables marketers to apply and adjust clickable content to existing campaigns instantly, based on new campaign elements or feedback from Clickable Paper's built-in analytics.

"Since Ricoh was founded, commitment to innovation has been at the heart of everything we do. Clickable Paper is no exception," said John Fulena, Vice President, Commercial & Industrial Printing Group, Ricoh USA, Inc. "This captivating service empowers communicators to get the absolute most out of their printed collateral, both now and in the rapidly evolving future. Today, marketing is all about capturing mindshare, and with Clickable Paper, marketers can instantly do just that, and do it with the peace of mind that they can adjust on the fly, capture analytics and much more. It's a new way to bring paper to life."

The new release allows users to implement games, such as Stamp Rally, Slot Machine and Quizzes, as new and exciting ways to engage with audiences. For example, Stamp Rally encourages audience members to tally up CP Clicker captures of certain collateral for a chance to win a prize. If attendees of a multi-day conference snap a specific on-site poster for each day of the event, for instance, they could win a branded t-shirt or mug. When users interact with Slot Machine-enabled clickable content, it brings up a digitized version of the classic casino game, offering a chance to win prizes. The Quiz option asks users questions about content, encouraging them to engage deeply with the collateral. Correct answers open up a round of Slot Machine for participants to potentially win prizes. Ultimately, these new gamification applications enable marketers to see additional ROI and engagement from existing and future campaigns.

Cookies enablement opens up new possibilities for one of Clickable Paper's greatest assets: its customizability. Ricoh experts can help customize Clickable Paper implementations via the CP Creator app, or users can leverage the solution's open SDK to innovate their own approach. The addition of cookies allows clickable content to securely interact with protected information once an authorized user is logged in. This is a great option for in-house uses of Clickable Paper, such as allowing employees to "click" the label on a multifunction printer for step-by-step instructions on common document management workflows within the organization.

Clickable Paper's record-keeping also received enhancements in this update: The CP Clicker app now saves up to the last 100 images you've "clicked," so users can revisit content that interests them.

To learn more about Clickable Paper, read this whitepaper. EFI Connect 2018 attendees can also stop by the Ricoh booth, #102, to learn more.

To download the Clickable Paper app, visit Google Play Store or iTunes.

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