Nexus by Century


Nexus is a web-based corporate eProcurement software that allows for business-to-business orders with direct transmission between ordering employees, administrators, and suppliers. The Software as a Service (SaaS) platform provides the presentation, functionality, and rules for these transactions, automatically processing orders and providing significant cost savings to both buyers and sellers. Nexus is the perfect centralized online location for common business purchases.


Unlimited Product Listing

Nexus provides procurement for printed materials, non-printed materials, and services using a simplified user interface. Users on the network add desired materials to their shopping cart from any number of suppliers and checkout. Order information is then sent to suppliers in a seamless fashion, automating the process. Nexus customers can enjoy an unlimited amount of products, simplifying the process of ordering anything from bottled water and office supplies to stationary and business cards.

Brand Integrity

Using Nexus technology, users can edit and proof business documents in real-time to complete orders, which strategically improves the integrity of the overall brand by keeping certain documents uniform from the top-down, like business cards. This information is kept secure and accurately transmitted to print suppliers to facilitate the ordering process.

Special Orders

With Nexus, users can submit special order requests to company leadership or system administrators for approval. These special orders allow users to provide as much information as necessary for their request, and when sent, the appropriate administrators get a notification that an order needs approval. These administrators can either authorize or deny special orders and provide reasons for the ordering user, all within the Nexus platform.

UMB Bank

UMB Bank has successfully utilized Nexus for many years, offering an online location to order custom-printed materials, office supplies, and inventory. The company has realized over 30% in cost savings of millions of dollars since its initial rollout to its many branches across Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Colorado, Oklahoma, and beyond.

 “As system administrator, I have trained employees in 2 hours or less with great ease. Administration of the company’s end users at 150+ branch offices has been quite simple, enabling system rollout in about 12 weeks.”

Nancy Grasse, Senior Vice President & Director of Purchasing

“Even our most inexperienced computer users have found the system to be very intuitive and easy to use.”

"Many thanks from UMB for the recently completed procurement site refresh and branding change to Nexus. As is with most updates like this, I heard of little to no issues from our roughly 500 associate user group. In other words, no news is good news. This was a primary 2018 objective for the procurement team, and we’re excited to see it through to completion."

Lyn Heermann, Vice President & Assistant Director of Purchasing