OnCore by Century

OnCore is a file storage, sharing, and streaming platform designed specifically for internal business communication. You and other users can store and share information with your teams to access inside or outside the office at any time, from any device. The platform also has learning management functions, so organizations can test employee comprehension or deploy internal polls. Some applications include employee onboarding and training, sales presentations, video tutorials, and more.


File Storage and Sharing

OnCore allows you to share virtually any type of file with your users. Do you have product information you need to share with your sales team? New hires to read your employee handbook? A spreadsheet you need to access while traveling? OnCore was created with the ease for sharing specifically in mind so that you don’t need to take time away from what matters most. OnCore drives collaboration among users and increases communication within your company, while allowing your administrative team to control the flow of information.

Learning Management

OnCore also functions as a Learning Management System. Use OnCore to certify employees and meet federal regulations like OSHA, HIPAA, and FINRA. With OnCore’s LMS functionality, you can create learning programs to complete these requirements while saving on other resources. Users can review necessary material and take exams, while your administrative team views the results and sends the audited reports to the necessary government body. Furthermore, OnCore reduces the cost of incorporating new employees with your team, allowing you to virtually educate new employees.

Mobile Portability

From your desktop computer to your phone, OnCore can be accessed anywhere. At Century, we believe in ease-of-access, so we provide full support across any device you and your users might utilize. On desktops, the OnCore platformcan be accessed from a browser, while on mobile devices, the application can be found in the App Store or Google Play Store.


During OnCore’s setup process, you may provide a logo to be displayed on all desktop and mobile versions of the platform. The color of the top banner may also be chosen in order to assimilate with your organization’s colors and aesthetic. Provide Century with all your unique preferences, and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate with any changes you might want or need.


We value the importance of data safety at Century Business Technologies. Customers have the option to host their own server on their own premises, or if desired, Century can handle security measures. Plus, Century does not sell private information to third parties for any reason, and each user receives their own unique login identifier that allows platform administrators to monitor access to certain files. With OnCore, you can rest assured that your information is safe.   


OnCore works well in a variety of different industries. For sales teams, OnCore allows for the training of new representatives and the access of sales department files anytime, anywhere. In manufacturing and production, the platform serves as a helpful document management system for orders, improving production efficiency and cutting costs. In the social services and nonprofits sector, OnCore helps accomplish important missions by keeping information secure and facilitating communication. With OnCore, the possibilities are endless.


At Century Business Technologies, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional service for all our products and services, including OnCore. We offer installation, maintenance, and content management services for each server if desired, as well as train administrators on its abilities. We also provide reporting functions, exporting, simplifying, and quantifying any scoring information from the Learning Management Functions, saving your company time and money.


Want to learn more about OnCore? Visit the website for more information.