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Defining Your Workflows with Process Assessments

Century Business Technologies understands the challenges of today’s rapidly evolving business climate. The ability to adapt to new business trends, and fend off threats from outside forces, means businesses must become fluid in the way they handle these challenges. We help by facilitating the engagement of the key components needed….pulling the bushes out and letting the light shine in.

We utilize a proven method to help map your current environment, enabling your people to make engaged positive recommendations regarding key processes. Our assessments are designed to follow the three basic needs of any anticipated change to your current processes. These are:

  1. Define = Understanding the unique qualities of your current system and processes.
    • Provided by the people who know it best, the people who do it.
  2. Measure = Understanding what currently works and what needs help.
    • Providing you with a detailed “Frustration Map”
    • Providing you with a “Wait Map”
  3. Analyze = Understanding the factors that will be needed to make positive change a reality.
    • Providing you with a “Time Cycle Map”

By utilizing these common DFSS (Designed for Six Sigma) steps, coupled with our industry knowledge and experience, we have the right process, and the right people to ensure the right performance objectives are met. The assessment alone unwraps the mystery common in many of today’s growing business process jungles. Allowing you to untangle and clear the path for improvement.

Once finalized you will have a complete and detailed picture that includes the three “Maps” needed to move forward, giving you a clear picture of “As Is”, which will unlock the information needed to make deliverable change a possibility.

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