Give Stunning Presentations with Century’s Projectors

A lot goes into a great presentation. More often than not, one of the main components is visual. When you have clear, sharp images, your messages and ideas stand a greater chance of sinking in with your audience.

Century Business Technologies’ stock of projectors give you the bold images your presentations need. You’ll be able to hold people’s attention and convey information effectively.

Features of Century’s Projectors

With Century’s available projectors, you can take advantage of:

  • High contrast ratios for better image clarity
  • Superior audio capabilities
  • Variable resolution levels
  • Outstanding brightness ratings
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Autocorrect features to minimize image distortion
  • Wireless network connectivity
  • Energy-saving eco modes

Come Face to Face with Convenient, Mobile Communications

See what you’ve been missing. Our Unified Communication System (UCS) Apps lets users experience crisp, clear visual collaboration with a wide range of audiences from any remote location. These innovative solutions complement our video conference devices and integrate real-time video, audio and document files so participants can join the conversation from a personal computer, Apple iPad/phone or Android device.

Download Unified Communication System Apps Brochure

More Products

Century has many more products to help you work smarter and faster. For more information, go to the following pages:

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To discuss how our projectors can enhance your presentations, contact us!