CenturyCare Secure Mail

CenturyCare Secure Mail is deployed as a managed service where inbound and outbound mail is routed through our redundant infrastructure for inbound and outbound anti-spam, anti-virus, phishing and identity theft protection, directory harvesting and denial of service protection. All email threats will be removed outside of your infrastructure, restoring bandwidth and confidence in email!

"How do I log in to my CenturyCare Secure Mail console?"

Go to CenturyCare Secure Mail Portal login with the username and password you were provided with in your welcome email. 

"What do I do if I forgot my password or lost my welcome email?"

Go to CenturyCare Secure Mail click on the Forgot Your Password.

"Can I change my password?"

Sure, just go to CenturyCare Secure Mail Portal log in with your current credentials, go to the User Options tab at the top, choose Password from the bottom of the drop down menu. Enter your current password, enter the password you want to change it to and click Confirm. 

"What do I do with the daily quarantine email from CenturyCare Secure Mail?"

When you receive the quarantine emails, open them up and review each message that is currently in quarantine. If you see one that should be allowed through click on one of the Action items on the far right. If you click on the "Release" link, it will allow that email to come through, but it may be quarantined again. This will allow you to see if it is a legitimate email that you want to allow. If you click on the "& Allow" link, this will allow the sender to send emails and bypass the quarantine altogether. 

"How do I add entries to my whitelists and blacklists?"

Go to CenturyCare Secure Mail Portal log in with your current credentials, go to the User Option tab at the top. Choose either "Allow List" or "Block List" from the drop down menu. Click on the "Click here to add a new entry" button to add a new email address to that list.

"How do I review all my quarantined emails?"

Go to CenturyCare Secure Mail log in with your current credentials. On the right, click on the "View My Quarantined Messages" link. This will take you to a page of all the emails currently quarantined for your account. From here you can release and/or allow, delete, or delete and block multiple senders and their domains. Be very careful on this page as you could allow a spam message through or block a legitimate email sender.

"How does the Control Panel at the bottom of my email work?"

The CenturyCare Secure Mail Control Panel is a quick way to see how this particular email has been scored by our system. You can also block the sender or their domain if desired. As always, be cautious about your allow and block choices.

"What if I have an alias email?"

The CenturyCare Secure Mail system automatically pulls in your email aliases from your Exchange system.

"Can I add an alias to my email?"

Yes, you can add aliases to your email account without having to go into your Exchange server and add them there. To add an alias, go to the CenturyCare Secure Mail Portal log in with your current credentials, go to the User Options tab at the top, choose Addresses from the drop down menu. From there, you can see all your existing aliases. If you want to add a new one, go to the User Options tab at the top, hover over Addresses from the drop down menu and choose "Add New Alias" from the menu that pops out to the right. Note: you can only add aliases for domains that your company has associated with it.

"My company has multiple domains for emails, will CenturyCare Secure Mail handle that?"

Yes, CenturyCare Secure Mail has the ability to handle multiple domains per client.

"How do I manage my users with CenturyCare Secure Mail?"

It's easy to manage your organization's users using CenturyCare Secure Mail! Once your role on the CenturyCare Secure Mail site is changed to that of an Enterprise Administrator, you will notice new links for management purposes.

  • You can add and remove users. This feature is not always necessary because Century is already managing your server infrastructure and anytime a new user is added, that user's account is automatically created in the CenturyCare Secure Mail system!
  • You can modify allow and block lists for your users and organization. Whenever a new domain needs to be added for either list, you can log into the CenturyCare Secure Mail console to add/remove entries to both lists.
  • You can access the quarantine lists. This will allow you to manage the quarantined emails for the users in your organization.
  • You can see which emails have been blocked and even release those emails or add the email address or domain entirely.
  • You can see the inbound and outbound history for all your users. This allows you to see whether or not an email was sent from your Exchange server. This helps in troubleshooting outbound email problems. You can also check to see if that email from an outside sender ever made it through.

If you see an email in the inbound list, you know that it was received by the CenturyCare Secure Mail system and forwarded on to your Exchange server. These management tasks will help you manage the day to day email problems that your organization's users may run into. As always, if you ever have any problems, or simply want Century to take care of the issue, just call or email and we will take care of it!

“Can I receive my quarantine report at a different time? Or more than once a day?”

The CenturyCare Secure Mail Quarantine Report is fully customizable based upon your organization’s needs. CenturyCare Secure Mail already sends your report on a daily basis, but it also has the ability to send your report at the top of every hour of the day Or you could have the report sent once every 4 hours, however you prefer.

If you wish to receive your quarantine report at a different time or frequency, let us know at Put DSM Quarantine Report Change in your subject line.