Cybersecurity: How to Make Employees Your Secret Weapons


In the battle against hackers and other digital threats, commonly known as cybersecurity, you have a lot of tools up your sleeve. For example, you may rely on passwords, firewalls, security procedures, and user authentication solutions to get the job done--but did you know that people are actually your greatest asset? Here are a few ways to make employees your secret weapons in cybersecurity!


Cybersecurity Tips: How Hackers Hack

Woman with red hair and glasses putting a finger up to her temple with a quizzical look on her face

To make the most of your cybersecurity efforts, it's sometimes necessary to get inside the mind of the enemy--that is, to understand how hackers hack. That way, you know which doors to close, which vulnerabilities to look out for, and how to keep your company safe. Today we'll "think like hackers" and learn how this helps permanently improve your cybersecurity efforts!

The Future of Cybersecurity

Holographic security icons next to man sitting in comfy gray chair on laptop

We're all living in a world that, chances are, you and your company probably didn't predict--and you certainly didn't plan for. However, when "worst-case scenario" becomes a reality, it's important to navigate challenges as they come and keep an eye on the horizon to see what else may be headed your way. That's why now is the best time to roll up your sleeves and start thinking about the future of cybersecurity for your company.



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