IT Security

IT Security vs. Information Security


There are so many types of security that it can be challenging to keep up with everyone. Print, data, device, information--all need to be protected, and all come with their own unique challenges and vulnerabilities. One question many companies have is how these types of security are different--for example, IT security vs. information security. Here's a closer look to help you know exactly what you're protecting!


IT Security Best Practices

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In the business world, you hear a lot about "best practices,"--but the truth is that these are more like guidelines. After all, what works for one business doesn't necessarily work for all of them. The goal, then, is to mix and match these approaches to find a combination of solutions that work best for you--so here are a few IT security best practices to choose from!


IT Security Policies You Should Already Have in Place


IT security is an important part of virtually every company today. It is the frontline defense against hackers who could hack in and steal data. The IT security of a business is everyone's responsibility. Everyone should work together to keep the system as safe as possible. An IT hack can ruin a business by stealing data and ruining the reputation of the company.


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