Optimize your Workflows with Process Mapping


When it comes time to optimize your workflows, you have to put in the work to eliminate inefficiencies and introduce smart processes. It does not have to be complicated or tedious. Establishing workflow process mapping is an essential first step to ensuring your workflows perform optimally.

Your business has workflows whether or not you define and optimize them. Since undefined workflows equal inefficiency, read on to learn how to map them for maximum productivity.

Why Optimize Your Legal Firm's Workflows?

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How much of your law firm's time falls into the non-billable category? Process bottlenecks and dependence on manual workflows can put legal professionals in a position of ongoing time-debt.

On Your Own?

Legal offices may attempt to develop workflows without the assistance of a third party. The choice seems logical because who better than your firm's management team understands the processes involved in each case?

Optimize Your Workflows to Save Time and Money

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Information pours into your office every day. The solutions you choose for processing it can be a source of frustration or efficiency. If you're still tied to processes that require employees to read, extract, and input information manually, your company is at risk of falling behind the pack.

Here's how today's solutions for improving and replacing manual workflows can make all the difference.

How Well Are Your Workflows Working Out?


How well are your company's workflows serving your current needs? It's not unusual for organizations to have the same processes for years, never questioning whether a procedure that worked in 1998 is still the best fit for the company in 2018.

It's About Money and Time

No one questions the fact that time and money are connected, especially in business. Inefficient workflows use more time than they need to, costing organizations of every size and description millions in lost productivity every year. Is it time for a review of yours?

How Your Print Environment Impacts Your Workflows

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Did you know that an unmanaged print environment could be behind your bogged-down workflows? The two are closely related, and with a print infrastructure that's well managed, most organizations see an automatic improvement in critical processes and daily workflows.

Here's how to get both your printer fleet and your workflows back under control.

4 Tips for a Smooth Transition to Workflow Automation


Most organizations seeking digital automation solutions do so to improve their current workflows. They hope to save time and money, of course, but long-term goals may also include improved employee job satisfaction and a better path forward for growth.

If your company is in the process of implementing optimization solutions for your current workflows, here are a few suggestions for making the transition a little smoother.


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