Managed Print: A Remedy for Inefficient Workflows


Efficient workflows can make the difference between a company that's succeeding and one that's falling steadily behind. Process inefficiencies that hinder productivity also eat up revenues, but there are ways to stop the madness.

More Than Cost Savings

Here are a few telltale signs that your print infrastructure is having a negative impact on your workflows:

Reduce Costs and Improve Workflows with Managed Print


You may have a basic understanding of how Managed Print Services works and the cost-saving benefits it can bring to your organization. To appreciate the full value, however, requires a closer look at how the service can impact spending as well as workflows, departmental spending, and overall productivity.

Here's why successful business leaders choose a Managed Print Services partnership.

Are Your Workflows Moving For or Against Your Success?


Are your employees involved in improving and optimizing your company workflows? Making your approach to automated workflows user and employee-centered rather than solely IT-centered delivers a better foundation and more chance of staff buy-in.

For workflows that add value to your company, read on for some suggestions for evaluating your existing situation and identifying key areas where workflow optimization can save time and money.

Ready to Improve Your Document Workflows? Here's Where to Start!


Smooth workflows are critical to your company's success. Bottlenecks and pain points cause unnecessary frustration, errors, delays and ultimately, customer dissatisfaction.

Finding the time to identify and correct the kinks in your workflows is difficult at best. You know that simplifying your existing workflows will deliver significant payoffs, but how do you find the time? Check out these suggestions to begin improvements now.

Better Workflows—Better Outcomes for Mortgage Processes


The mortgage process is often time-consuming and frustrating for all parties involved. The lending institution's staff is bogged down by paperwork, the lender is biting their nails and wondering what's taking so long, and the real estate professional is unable to provide a solution for anyone in the process.

Too often, mortgage origination processes go something like this:

The end is nearly in sight, and then someone discovers a missed step in the process.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Workflows?

digital disruption

You've no doubt heard the buzz surrounding the term digital disruption. Simply stated, digital disruption is the dramatic shift that occurs in businesses who adopt emerging technologies, thereby impacting the worth of the goods and services they offer. Perhaps nothing else has had greater potential to change industries, completely redesign the playing field, and redefine existing markets.

Three Steps for Identifying Workflow Bottlenecks

One Man Stuck in a Bottle

The first step in fixing anything (your car, your back, your computer) is identifying what's broken. Your workflows are no different.

At Century Business Technologies, we work with our clients to provide solutions for workflows that are broken. To find out how and where your workflows are creating difficulties for your business, read our suggestions for a three-step process for identifying your company's unique pain points.


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