“I appreciate that Century is a local business that provides great service! When I have a printer problem, I get quick and competent follow up. Also Century helped me figure out how to renew our contract to save money. Great service and savings!”

Jerry Jost
Kansas Land Trust

Century has allowed me to run my business more efficiently. They have saved me a lot of time when it comes to printing forms and reports. Their staff is always there to help and always so friendly.

Jamie Vail
Inertia Health & Fitness

Century is a wonderful company, with fantastic employees, and excellent customer service, from calling in for anything, to technical support, and any tech who comes out.

Therese Klein
Secretary & Bulletin Editor
Sacred Heart - St Joseph Parish

“We chose Century because the process they used to assist us in outlining our true needs and give us defined roadmap to becoming more efficient.“

 When asked why they would recommend CBT to someone else, they replied, “Because of their ability to become a quality partner with your business.”

Jeremy Wehkamp
IT Manager
Alliance Ag & Grain, Spearville, Kansas

“All is going well.  Thanks for the help on the IT support.”

Wayne R. Pancoast
Scout Exec/CEO
Boy Scouts of America, Jayhawk Area Council

“We really like it.”

“We chose to stay with Century because of the good experience with our previous lease.  I can't say what makes you different from other vendors in the area as we only have experience with Century.”

Cathy Newland
Silver Lake Public Library

“We have been with Century Business Technologies for decades. Over those years, we've continued to receive top-notch service and pricing. Having service, supplies, and knowledgeable sales professionals available by calling one phone number is incredibly convenient and efficient for our staff. We're very happy with CBT and recommend their services without hesitation.”

Janelle Will-Sachs
Office Manager/Relocation Coordinator
Kirk & Cobb, Inc., Topeka, KS

“Since switching to Century we have received the best service to date and the machines we use have been great.”

“If I were to give a word for working with Century it would be “heard”. From day one we feel like the people we have worked with have listened to our needs and have worked to give us what we need and have made it happen within the financial margins given.”

“I would recommend Century to any business that wants a great product with excellent service. We are very happy with this company.”

Scott Rosen
Senior Pastor
Bible Christian Church

“We just received positive feedback from one of our officials that he was able to begin an assessment test, stop for a few hours, and then pick up where he left off. This is a very big improvement over our previous system, where any interruption resulted in starting over! Our officials, in general, are very excited about the mobile nature of InfoWave, being able to use it on smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops.”

Brent Unruh
Office Operations Manager

"The team at InfoWave are definitely focused on my needs as the COO of a business. The ability to keep my employees in the know is crucial." 

Mike Miller
Advisors Excel