Productivity Solutions for the New Year and Beyond

productive team of people

Has your office somehow missed the boat on productivity? A few easy-to-implement changes could be all it takes to bring your workflows from stagnant to dynamic this year. Here's what we suggest to make 2019 your most productive year ever.

  1. Install a multifunction system. Today's networked multifunction devices are your company's bridge to digital processes. They provide copy, print, scan, and fax capabilities in one streamlined and efficient package. Replacing a fleet of outdated hardware with a multifunction device is a simple, efficient way to impact productivity.
  2. Go paperless. Paper-based processes can keep your company stuck in the 20th century. If you're looking for the most effective way to eliminate productivity issues, electronic document management is your best way forward.
  3. Optimize your workflows. You may be so closely tied to your daily business processes that you have trouble recognizing problem areas. A Workflow Optimization Solution from Century uses proven guidelines to assess and redesign your existing workflows. By eliminating bottlenecks and problematic processes and replacing them with automation, you can get rid of the redundancies and pain points that are zapping daily productivity.
  4. Rethink your office design. Is your office designed for productivity? Outdated office furniture, broken chairs, and desks that were designed for the typewriter and Rolodex era don't mesh with today's digital workflows. Plan to refresh your office this year and get ready for a welcome change.
  5. Get a managed print assessment. Your print environment is closely tied to your workflows. Optimize your fleet with a managed print solution for big productivity gains and cost savings as high as 30% off your current print spend.

Improving productivity in your office can have a direct impact on your revenues in the new year and beyond. For help addressing your productivity issues, get in touch with us at Century Business Technologies today!