Ready to Improve Your Document Workflows? Here's Where to Start!


Smooth workflows are critical to your company's success. Bottlenecks and pain points cause unnecessary frustration, errors, delays and ultimately, customer dissatisfaction.

Finding the time to identify and correct the kinks in your workflows is difficult at best. You know that simplifying your existing workflows will deliver significant payoffs, but how do you find the time? Check out these suggestions to begin improvements now.

1. Identify and list.

Identifying and listing your company's existing workflows is the first step to correcting any problems. What do your workflows involve? Documenting them and making a list accessible to your team is a positive step in the right direction.

2. Identify bottlenecks.

Your staff knows every time the ball gets dropped in one of your workflows, so get them involved. It can be immensely helpful to appoint one key person in each process to lead discussion groups, list suggestions, and then communicate the results back to the group and management teams.

3. Enlist help from expert workflow optimization providers.

Need help mapping your processes and identifying process breakdowns? Workflow optimization experts can work with your team to assess your current situation. With proven solutions and programs to redesign your workflows, they'll provide process management solutions to improve productivity across your organization. After your pinch points are identified, they'll take the necessary steps to correct and replace them with improved processes. Automation will follow after all bottlenecks and redundancies are removed to your team's satisfaction. Here's what to expect from an expert workflow redesign process:

  • Process mapping
  • Elimination of bottlenecks and redundancies
  • Process redesigning with attention to value-added processes
  • Elimination of unnecessary and redundant decision making through process automation
  • Implementation of checkpoints and feedback avenues to ensure ongoing success

To find out more about workflow optimization solutions from Century Business Technologies, get in touch with our knowledgeable staff today!